Scuba Diving In Tarkarli

Scuba diving is nothing but swimming underwater while using self-contained breathing equipment. By carrying a source of compressed air, the scuba diver is able to stay underwater longer than with the simple breath-holding techniques and is not hindered by air-lines to a remote air source.

The scuba diver typically swims underwater by using fins attached to the feet.

You will get a perfect opportunity to try snorkelling and Scuba diving in Tarkarli. The waters are warm, clear & full of varied marine-life guaranteeing some of the best scuba diving and snorkelling holidays anywhere in Indian subcontinent. Southern region of Sindhudurg fort is the primary location of scuba diving in Maharashtra. This makes paradise a potential diving destination of India. Researcher marine biologist Dr. Sarang Kulkarni believes that this exotic marine life of coral coast region is a treasure trove. In the beginning of his exploration, He was surprised to see unexpected richness of diversity in surrounding waters of Sindhudurg Fort and Chivala Beach. Dr. Sarang has trained the native people to explore the underwater beauties so that they can go ahead with their profession of scuba divers and snorkeling guides. MTDC has also planned a scuba diving center in Tarkarli, after complition centre to offer introductory and advance courses for the tourists. The minimum age is 10 yrs, so bring your kids along too and let them experience diving as well. Explore the Sargassum forest, corals, vast diversity and abundant colourful fish among underwater rocks cape! This Program includes a little basic theory, a few exercises in shallow water and one not-so-deep dive with an experienced instructor.